Sleeping on the job: British plane flies on autopilot after both pilots nod off


Two pilots flying an Airbus A330 on its way to Britain last month, who were reported to have fallen asleep in their seats, were not sleeping at the same time claims the Civil Aviation Authority.

The tired pair were navigating a busy aeroplane when they each fell into their slumber as a direct result of exhaustion and a gruelling rota, they claimed.

However the CAA says that it is satisfied one pilot was awake while the other slept.

‘Following clarification from the airline concerned, the CAA is satisfied that while this was a reportable event, and both pilots were concerned they were suffering symptoms of severe fatigue and took controlled rest separately, they did not fall asleep at the same time,’ a spokesperson said.

‘It was right that the airline reported this to us after one of the pilots raised their concerns.’

The CAA said the airline concerned was changing working…

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