Was Apple’s 2012 lightning cable a hint at the iWatch?

We all remember when Apple came out with its iPhone 5 in 2012 and most users were not happy that Apple ditched its good old 30-pin connector. Even though there were other devices from Apple that still supported the 30-pin connector, Apple as usual decided to do what’s ‘right’. As always, I believe, Apple was misunderstood but why?

The rumoured iWatch will be unveiled in a few hours from now and what type of charging port do we reckon it would accommodate? The watch is definitely not going to be not a solar powered one, at least for now. With all the expectations for a smart watch, it will require charging as much as smartphones do. The lightning cable seems to be the most efficient sized approach. I would like to believe that I am right with this cult intelligence as I would call it. For a company that adheres to tetris like precision, I believe this was all planned well ahead. Lets wait and see.. 


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