End of support for Windows XP : What are the implications?

This is a post that is well beyond its time but we can look at why Microsoft might have adopted this policy.

As a technology fanatic, I believe Windows XP was one of the best, reliable, most used and most stable operating systems of our time. But Microsoft ceased support for XP last April.

There are various reasons as to why Microsoft may have adopted this policy. The world is moving towards handheld computing even though this seems gradual. Looking at Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 interface, it is visible that Windows 8 is designed to address this trend. As organisations move to be more mobile, Microsoft would like to stay in the Enterprise game that they currently dominate. The tablet Enterprise market is majorly iOS (iPads). Seeing this transition, Microsoft prefers to shift its biggest customer base (Most of them run XP) to the new potentially profitable domain. The only way would be to partner with manufacturers and create an operating system that supports the trend. Windows 8 is the cure and Microsoft has to make XP of no use, in a nicer way of course.


This stopped any support from Microsoft on XP, including updates to improve the software and important security updates. Hackers can exploit this opportunity. Many organisations will not make an overnight transition to the next supported Windows 7,the latest Windows 8 or upcoming Windows 10 ( Yes, they skipped the 9 to catchup with Mac OS X version naming convention!). Organisations will be at a higher risk each day passing and not upgrading to the new Windows on time will make it more vulnerable as time passes. A stitch in time does save nine, but for organisations, this means a big hole in their bank accounts too.

Microsoft advises users to check if their existing devices are able to run Windows 8, or to get a new PC. This circles back to what we think may have triggered Microsoft to adopt this policy – Money?

What are the negatives? Obsolete devices that end up in the dangerous ‘recycling’ cauldrons in the far east? My thoughts in this post.


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