Mac OS X : Mission Control

This is an article I believe will be of immense help in improving productivity/ efficiency in the way people use their Macs. I have noticed the recent up-trend in MacBooks. I do believe this is partially for the repute and the brand and its slick looks (yes, the illuminated  logo).

The most efficient tool is Mission Control which can be set up from preferences. The reasons this is handy is because many of us tend to run various applications at the same time. While running 5 applications on a Mac is no problem, the experience can be enhanced if you can get all the clutter off right? Look at the image in exposed view, below:

Mac OS

You can also notice that there are some desktops (virtual) on top. I can assign each of these applications on to the 4 separate desktops in my case (you can go up to 16). This way, all I need to do to switch between applications is a four-finger swipe on the trackpad! This is very helpful if you’re writing articles based on knowledge articles from the web, running VMWare etc. Running Windows and Debian, I can switch between Mac OS X and Windows/ Linux in just a swipe. Click this video link for a demonstration.


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