SDN Simulations

Hello all,

This post is for anyone looking forward to simulate/ emulate a SDN network, assuming you have a VM with Mininet installed. If you haven’t and if you’re planning to, get it from here. This Ubuntu image comes with various controllers in the package. All you have to do is run Mininet as mentioned in the tutorial section of this page.

Note: VMWare did not recognise this image, I used VirtualBox instead and would recommend.

You will run into some errors. The Mininet will be created but you will not be able to ping successfully from H1 to H2 for example. This is because no controller is listening. You can initiate a chosen controller from this tutorial page. Try POX first:

Open two Terminal windows; one to start the Mininet simulation [also below]:

$ sudo mn –topo single,3 –mac –controller remote –switch ovsk

Then we initiate one of our controllers [POX] using:

$ cd /home/ubuntu/pox && ./ log.level –DEBUG forwarding.tutorial_l2_hub

Now, the mininet and chosen controller are running. Controller is listening [in debug mode] – Try pinging!


  • Make sure you use separate Terminal windows for tasks (e.g. Mininet on one and POX command on another)
  • Check your Virtual machine network settings (Bridged or NAT)
  • check if you can ping the Internet (e.g. from a separate window or use the browser
  • Do not edit the IP address of your VM unless you know what you’re doing; keep a backup of the interfaces file before any editing.

Please comment below if you run into any other errors


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