Software Defined Networking: Controllers

This is a quick tip to efficiently compare SDN simulators if that’s part of your research. I have been researching some controllers and their performance recently and thought I would share the clutter and hassle free tip to test these controllers’ performance. I have paused WireShark in the background which will be used to monitor traffic of whatever type I plan to monitor. I am using controllers OpenDaylight, RYU and ONOS to compare.

  • Open a terminal window for Mininet simulation and name it as appropriate
  • Open one each for the controllers and name them too
  • Start with one controller (run it using the commands specific for them)
  • Simulate a communication on Mininet (e.g. Ping), capture ICMP packets on WireShark for analysis
  • Next, stop the controller and start the next one; simulate a communication instance on Mininet and capture ICMP for analysis. Repeat this for all controllers
  • Depending on how you require the statistics to be visualised, choose an option (e.g. IO Graph on WireShark)

Any questions? comment below and I will try to answer.

SDN Controller Big Picture


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