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Pink Sapphire (Untreated) lot 3.22 Carats £275

Buying an iPhone 5S in the UK

So its nearly a week since the iPhone 5S has been on sale in the UK via Apple and carriers. The stocks are low almost everywhere you could look to buy it.

The cheapest tariff on the 5S is from O2 who offer the phone Free! on a £42 p/m, 24 month contract but with only 1GB 3G data and Unlimited Calls/Texts.

Why you should go for this?

  • It’s free! (comparing the price tag on the phone)
  • Cheapest tariff and you get it on O2 Refresh
  • 3G is sufficient anyways as O2’s 4G is only starting to sprinkle across UK and you won’t get it everywhere
  • They have great customer service in my experience
  • Buying direct from O2 helps with after sales service and processes