Just the moon!

So when I’m not writing tech stuff, I turn to my favourite passion that is photography. Just got a glimpse of this space floating beauty out the window and though I’d better click that. Got my Canon out to snap it and Instagram it eventually 🙂


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Hello all,

This post is made up of screenshots (yes!) of great photos posted on Instagram. I’ve been saving these for future reference and due to my passion towards travel and photography. All photo credits and rights are reserved to the respective owners. I hope to add more to this post as I grab more along the line.

I would highly recommend following these photographers!

All credit and respects to the original, daring and inspiring photographers who expose the world in such a beautiful way.

SLR Photography Basics

As an amateur photographer, I have and always would suggest this video to anyone who is looking to get a grip on SLR photography. This article helped me a lot in understanding aperture and the importance of it when you’re into SLR photography. With photography you’re always learning, please leave any questions in the comment box and I will try to help.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 08.29.38


PetaPixel Video Link -> SLR Photography Basics