Just the moon!

So when I’m not writing tech stuff, I turn to my favourite passion that is photography. Just got a glimpse of this space floating beauty out the window and though I’d better click that. Got my Canon out to snap it and Instagram it eventually 🙂


A piece for all the iPhone critics

I had to write this piece to explain why I think the iPhone does not deserve some of the criticism it gets. Critics of the iPhone easily miss how it has had a 64-bit chip and apps (you know what that means regardless of a 1GB RAM) since last year and HTC etc are still working on one, it has a 256K AES Touch ID that authorises transactions, it was in 2010 that iPhone introduced the PPI craze at 326 and now everyone is talking about it just because other manufacturers have added a 100 more or so to attract the specs crowd. Most embarrassing is when people talk about megapixels, they clearly have no knowledge of photography, sensors, f-stops, a lens gyroscope that compensates for movement!? white balance and post processing etc nor do they know what it takes to capture 240 fps video. Also they forget that iOS is immune to almost all forms of malware out there while Android is not. This article says 97% of Malware is for Android and prone too. Oh, and fragmentation?
iPhone 4S closeup, clearly shows attention to detail and design.
People also talk about NFC that was already prevalent in other phones but they fail to see that no retailers locally or globally actually took it up to go mainstream or even made it materialise. With Apple Pay, we can already see that PayPal is concerned and big retailers are willing to give it a shot. History suggests that Apple has always struck deals that the commercial world couldn’t resist and the solutions have always been more efficient than any other competitor this circles back to the reason why Apple will succeed, again.
Apple has always insisted they don’t want to do things first but, do the best. They have always given the best solutions. Any rational user would easily agree that the iPhone/ iOS performs more smoothly than any other phone/ Mobile OS. This is because of the way it is designed, and how the third party apps are authorised and allowed to be installed. The only apps allowed in are the ones that will work well in conjunction with the whole ecosystem and the other apps they allow. How much thought is that? And coming to industrial design, Jony Ive’s frequent or consistent awards speak for themselves.
This piece is not to assert iOS is the best OS or iPhone is the best one out there but why it doesn’t deserve the criticism. This has been a very well misunderstood device too. Android has reached many a hands and if they had all the security features of iOS and no fragmentation, they may be equally complete.

Was Apple’s 2012 lightning cable a hint at the iWatch?

We all remember when Apple came out with its iPhone 5 in 2012 and most users were not happy that Apple ditched its good old 30-pin connector. Even though there were other devices from Apple that still supported the 30-pin connector, Apple as usual decided to do what’s ‘right’. As always, I believe, Apple was misunderstood but why?

The rumoured iWatch will be unveiled in a few hours from now and what type of charging port do we reckon it would accommodate? The watch is definitely not going to be not a solar powered one, at least for now. With all the expectations for a smart watch, it will require charging as much as smartphones do. The lightning cable seems to be the most efficient sized approach. I would like to believe that I am right with this cult intelligence as I would call it. For a company that adheres to tetris like precision, I believe this was all planned well ahead. Lets wait and see.. 

Home WiFi : 5GHz or 2.4GHz?

As almost every house with Internet access is moving to WiFi globally due to the cutting edge devices, I thought I would share a tip. Some WiFi routers have two bands in which wireless signals are transmitted. The 2.4GHz and / or 5GHz. The difference? Most devices support 2.4, which was the initial protocol. Other new devices support both. Therefore, if your device supports both, you can connect to 5GHz to minimize interference from other devices that may be trying to use the 2.4GHz spectrum. But this comes at a price. In my tests today, the older protocol i.e. 2.4, provides faster bandwidth from the same router. It is noteworthy that my router transmits both bands simultaneously.


Buying an iPhone 5S in the UK

So its nearly a week since the iPhone 5S has been on sale in the UK via Apple and carriers. The stocks are low almost everywhere you could look to buy it.

The cheapest tariff on the 5S is from O2 who offer the phone Free! on a ÂŁ42 p/m, 24 month contract but with only 1GB 3G data and Unlimited Calls/Texts.

Why you should go for this?

  • It’s free! (comparing the price tag on the phone)
  • Cheapest tariff and you get it on O2 Refresh
  • 3G is sufficient anyways as O2’s 4G is only starting to sprinkle across UK and you won’t get it everywhere
  • They have great customer service in my experience
  • Buying direct from O2 helps with after sales service and processes