Just the moon!

So when I’m not writing tech stuff, I turn to my favourite passion that is photography. Just got a glimpse of this space floating beauty out the window and though I’d better click that. Got my Canon out to snap it and Instagram it eventually 🙂



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Sri Lanka 2015

Hey all!

So I managed to squeeze a week off work (effectively giving me 9 days off work) to fly to Sri Lanka (home!), see family and friends and make use of my SLR a little more. Flew out on the 27th Nov Friday morning for the whole day via Qatar and arrived on Saturday. It was great to see family and then met up with friends by the beach in Wellawatte where we used to hang out in the old days (you can actually skip to the gallery below!).

As this was such a short visit, I had to make myself feel like I’ve done loads for the week. So I plan this whale watching trip in Mirissa (Down south) which is a well equipped boat tour leaving at 7 in the morning from Mirissa Naval Quarters/ Harbour. We got to see some dolphins, flying fish and a whale. If you’re lucky, you’ll see more whales. We couldn’t spot many and therefore I did not spend time clicking away and wasting my opportunity to get glimpses of this majestic creature. Everyone apart from the crew and my group of 5 were tourists from abroad and it was great to see so much diversity in Sri Lanka 🙂

Next up was Yala National Park. I called my old safari operator who also happens to have his own guest house (JC Guest) close to Yala. This also includes a Cabana. Very nice personality he is. I would recommend anyone. The prices are cheap too. At the end of the safari, he even served us Tea in a nice warm pot with tea-cake at the Cabana, with dimmed lights. The ambience was soothing to end the tiring day.

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Ask any photography enthusiast, professional; ‘Autumn’ would be the most likely answer to the question ‘What’s the best time to take photographs?’

Today, I had some time to walk around Wakehurst Place, a branch of Kew Gardens in the UK to snap some shots. It’s been a very long time since I used my SLR as I was held up with my MSc and other mental commitments!


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Hello all,

This post is made up of screenshots (yes!) of great photos posted on Instagram. I’ve been saving these for future reference and due to my passion towards travel and photography. All photo credits and rights are reserved to the respective owners. I hope to add more to this post as I grab more along the line.

I would highly recommend following these photographers!

All credit and respects to the original, daring and inspiring photographers who expose the world in such a beautiful way.

iPhone Photography Gallery

Ok so Apple today updated their website with a whole page dedicated to the amazing photographers (or iPhoneographers) choosing the best iPhone photos taken by users. As an amateur photographer since a very young age, despite being an apple fanboy as people call me, I have had immense respect for the work put into the iPhone camera in an unbiased perspective. What attracts me is how natural the photos look when taken on the iPhone camera. Due credit should be given to the sensor by Sony. What is striking is the post editing of the JPG files done by iOS.

Don’t miss checking this page out by Apple

Eye candy.