How to ’embed’ subtitles into mp4 video

If you ever want to embed or burn subtitles into an mp4 video file, just use ffmpeg. See below:

ffmpeg -i infile.mp4 -f srt -i -c:v copy -c:a copy -c:s mov_text outfile.mp4

Does this support Green IT positively?

This is an extension to the post on Microsoft Ending Support for XP

Initial Impressions: No ( Please leave comments if you do not agree or have any opposite thoughts, I couldn’t think of any, yet.)

Is Microsoft’s policy justifiable in:

Societal terms?

Looking from a societal point of view, it is justifiable in various ways like business needs, staying in the game on par with competitors and creating jobs . This supports innovation on a global scale too. But we should also consider the saying ‘ The cost of the medicine should not be more than the disease itself’. By innovating, making older devices obsolete on the go means it is affecting negatively. Any organisation should take a more balanced approach without compromise to the existing consumer base and the coming generations. This is a hard choice to make as all manufacturers or product companies have to agree and adhere to a rule. If one does not, and keeps making newer products in smaller cycles around the year, others will try to catch up for financial reasons too. An example is Samsung which has a variety of devices in the same category in order to capture market (Their argument may be that they consider more people being able to afford newer technology). Apple, on the other hand, is not concerned about market cap but instead focuses on just one or two device refreshes a year in one given category e.g. iPhone. Every time a device is introduced, they do not fail to mention the environmental fact sheet related.

Galaxy range Image:

But this doesn’t mean the recyclable products will be recycled. It depends on the end users but companies can be more considerate if we’re going to be serious about Green IT. There is financial compromise.

Was Apple’s 2012 lightning cable a hint at the iWatch?

We all remember when Apple came out with its iPhone 5 in 2012 and most users were not happy that Apple ditched its good old 30-pin connector. Even though there were other devices from Apple that still supported the 30-pin connector, Apple as usual decided to do what’s ‘right’. As always, I believe, Apple was misunderstood but why?

The rumoured iWatch will be unveiled in a few hours from now and what type of charging port do we reckon it would accommodate? The watch is definitely not going to be not a solar powered one, at least for now. With all the expectations for a smart watch, it will require charging as much as smartphones do. The lightning cable seems to be the most efficient sized approach. I would like to believe that I am right with this cult intelligence as I would call it. For a company that adheres to tetris like precision, I believe this was all planned well ahead. Lets wait and see.. 

Reading Mac OS X formatted hard drives on Windows

Many people using both Mac OS X and Windows may have come across interoperability issues. As one such user, my most common one is reading my Mac formatted hard drive on Windows for various purposes. There is an easy solution. Download HFS Explorer and you can read all your Mac formatted hard drives. Just copy/ extract the files you need to your Windows PC!